Paid Traffic versus Free Traffic Generation

    As we all know traffic generation is a marketing service which helps to improve the business. A skilled marketer’s ability is to generate traffic. Many beginners are struggling because they are not having a huge amount of money for spending for this traffic generation. There are mainly two types of traffic; they are Paid Traffic and free traffic, as the name conveys one is the paid method of generating traffic and another is the free method of generating traffic.

    Paid one can track your progress much easily than the free one; in fact that is considered as the main advantage of paid website traffic. When we are using free ones, it will take many months of hard work to bring out descent levels of traffic to your website. But when we use paid one, we will get the same results within days or even hours.

    If we are considering the disadvantage, then things such as solo ads or Google ad words may cost money and also if you don’t really know about what you are doing, it is very easy for everyone to end up spending a huge amount of money in this. So, the major disadvantage that if we don’t know how to handle the situation, a large wastage of money will arise.

    If you can handle this traffic, then the paid one is the best option. You can do more effective methods such as blog commenting, article marketing and viral marketing by free traffic generation. Both are prevalent in the market and the marketers usually mix both free and Paid Traffic methods for their marketing service.

    There are different types of Paid Traffic generation method for improving your blog’s statistics and performance; they are social networking advertising, test link advertising, search engine marketing and mailing list. There are many methods of paid one; from it we can find out which one is the best Paid Traffic. They are Google Adwords, Facebook, media buying and solo ads. This Google Adwords have large possibility of traffic. But if you are in the area of internet marketing, then you are not recommended to use this kind of traffic.

    Facebook annoncering is becoming a viable paid method of traffic. People on Facebook usually browse data; so promotion of your website here must be done carefully. Once you fix the target, use ads by investing more money, hence promoting will become a much easier task. Next one is the media buying, in which we can promote the website via different websites. First start business on Facebook, after success go for media buying. In case of buying media, we can scale our business and give it a promotion. Last but not the least is the solo ads, this is because it is an endorsed traffic. Anyone from other mailing list can endorse you and your product. It will help in traffic generation. This is the newest and friendlier method and one we can suggest it as the best Paid Traffic.

    Now, we can move on to the best tips and practices used for paid website traffic. Some of them are test, always track and at last have a high converting system. You should test everything before processing.

    Once you started, by that time you should have tested everything. In order to test, you need to track everything in the method of paid one. So if you use the best you will get the best results out of it. You always should have a high converting system so that the profit that is generated is increased. So always use genuine and best website for traffic for promotional purposes.

    At first, find out what you are establishing focus on and master it. It will definitely be a successful one. There are many best website traffic generation sites; be careful when you are using these sites. Even after all this, the best one is guest blogging. However, some performances were worst like the podcast visit, blog commenting visits, quora visits, email newsletter visits and video visits. Facebook is a better performer in case of social media and forum participation. Everyone needs profit, so it’s essential to go for promotion. For promotion, we need good promoting media; so choosing it is more essential. After finding such a media, the rest will be a cakewalk.