Why you should adopt the timeline maker

    Many people who have tried to create timeline charts using manual methods or with ordinary software such as MS project, excel or even Visio will tell you of great difficulties they enter. It is from this reason that this software ha been designed to give you the ultimate ease and effectiveness that is unrivalled for long with the following features.

    Smart automation for saving your time

    The software is special because it does the drawings effectively for you as you work. From the automated legend, events placement and timescale, you are able to create professionally appealing charts in no time. This helps you save a lot of time. Consequently, preparing for reports and guides has been greatly simplified for personal or even corporate purposes. If you are late to make your board meeting charts, you can rest assured to have them in no time.

    Ease in editing and major customization

    The software has many built in chart themes you could choose to fit what you want to get started right away. However, beyond this, you can easily change any of the events in your chart with just a click so that you design what you exactly want. Just open the chart and add your department logos, info and orders in differing columns to have the best in no time. You can never go wrong with this timeline maker.

    Simplicity in printing and sharing

    If you need to provide the charts in printed formats, you just need to save it in PDF, HTML or graphics such as JPEG and BMP for printing. However, if you want to share it with others, other team members will access it easily in their computers. Remember that whether they are using PowerPoint or other main presentation models, they will still be able to have it. If you have not tried timeline maker, try now to enjoy these features.