Three Rabbit Accessories To Include in The Hutch

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    There are several rabbit accessories that you need to ensure they are comfortable in the environment you are keeping them in. The accessories are necessary for their housing, entertainment, feeding or when moving them from one place to the other. The accessories are required for this fluffy companions if you have an intention of reaping any benefit from rearing them. Read below to understand some of the rabbit accessories if it is your first time to own the rabbits.

    Rabbit carriers

    You will need to move the rabbitsexpert from one point to the other from time to time. It may be during the cleaning, relocating their house or when doing repairs. You, therefore, need to move them safely. The carrier is a small box that has a handle on top to ease the carrying process. The box is lightweight and has a cage at the front to enable you to check the animal from time to time while transporting them. Using the straw, fill the carrier to make the rabbit comfortable and relax during the transportation.

    The feeders

    Feeding the rabbits right measures and intervals of food is the only way to ensure they grow in a healthy manner. Avoid the stress of checking the quantities and feeding timelines by getting a feeder. With this accessory, the food will be dispensed at different times of the day with the right amounts. You don’t have to check on them. All you have to is schedule the feeder and engage in other activities as your rabbits are well taken care of. Some feeders come with a feature where you can record your voice and play it during the feeding sessions to make them hear the owners voice.

    Play toys

    • Rabbits need toys in their hutch at all times. However, not all toys are recommended because of their safety too. Some of the popular toys for them are;
    • Squeaky toys; these come in food like shapes that are visually appealing to the animals even if it appears teasing.
    • Soft toys; these keep the rabbit company in the hutch. They are similar to the normal children stuffed toys.
    • Dangle toys; these are designed to play with the rabbit. They are colorful with strings that attract their attention. This keeps them active and stimulated throughout the day.
    • Tunnels; these are designed for the rabbits to run through. The material is lightweight and cannot injure them at any instance.

    The above three rabbit accessories are just a few. Assess your needs and acquire as many as possible to keep your rabbits healthy.

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