The Future of Hoverboards

    Extreme Skateboarding gave new dimension to speed game; similar to other games, it gave more space to skilled and athletic talent. And now the times have changed, Hoverboards are here and they might soon get replaced with the new device which is the future of speeding.

    If you need to show your skill either in skateboard or hoverboard, the most important factor is Speed. It may work on the same aerodynamic principle if you have the speed and you can take the hoverboard at a little more height and that will get the exciting moment as it will be speeding in the air.

    If we think of hoverboard future, the future generation may have air borne capabilities; then it will be all about speed. Controlling height and speed together would be real challenge. Rider will work on the simple principle of Speed is Life and they will have to maintain speed as they go up further.

    Propulsion system

    It might look like a scene straight from some superhero movies but they will have great propulsion system made with light batteries or ion-lithium, charged by a thin film cell coating of the surface and a means to use a system via electricity socket of the hover board.

    The blower units would beneath the board in a pattern. There are many companies, inventors and entrepreneurs who are working on the prototype and they hold the keys to the success for the future’s hoverboard.

    Hoverboards is going to be the future’s skateboards and they’ll also have the technology of the future which will be integrated. Riders of the hoverboards are going to have the ability to do.

    There could be many other innovation like they could develop some sort of system which will auto detect the crash and will have capabilities to prevent it from happening.

    Depending on success of its next generation release, we will be in a position to predict more accurately about future investment in sensors & software, which will make this board what we can only only visualize now.

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