Strengthening your Nails with Totally Skin and Beauty

    Our nails are usually in contact with so many things. Everything that you touch normally gets into contact with your nails considering the fact that they are at the tip of your fingers. They at times come into contact with substances that are harmful to them and that might end up weakening them result in them breaking over time. It is important to ensure that our nails are always well protected and this can be achieved through the regular visiting of a Totally Skin and Beauty for nail salon melbourne . However, once the nails have been weakened, it is also very possible to restore their strength and below is exactly who you can be able to do that.

    Form a habit of putting on gloves each time you are using harsh chemicals or washing dishes. This works very well to prevent the nail bed from becoming too wet resulting in the weakening of the nail. In the event that you are not in a position to use gloves, try as much as possible to minimize the time when your nails are in contact with water and these harsh chemicals and ensure that you dry the nails immediately after they have contact with water for extended periods of time.

    Every day, before you retire into bed, massage some vitamin E oil into the cuticles on your nails. This oil will go directly into the cuticle bed and the skin and with time it will strengthen your nails.

    Buy yourself a jar of nail hardener and ensure that you apply a layer of it over your nails at least twice every day. Apply the hardener for seven consecutive days then remove the hardener completely and apply another thin coat then repeat the process again; applying it twice a day every day.

    Improve your calcium intake; this can be achieved through the taking of calcium tablets or increased intake of milk. You can also opt to take a multivitamin that has a high calcium dosage; it will also work very well to enhance your efforts to strengthen your nails.

    Doing all these things will work very well to prevent the weakening of your nails. It is however also imperative that you ensure that they are regularly treated to maintain the strength that they will gain from your implementing of all these ideas. That being said, it is important that you find yourself one good Totally Skin and Beauty where you can have your nails treated on a regular basis.

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