Multi-panel Drug Test

    So you are suspecting that one of your employees is using marijuana at work? With most states legalizing marijuana for recreational use, your guess is probably right. According to a 2016 Pew Research center study, drug abuse is generally on the rise throughout the country. If you are an employer; that leaves you with no option but to have drug test kits at your disposal. But what drug test kits should you buy?

    On one hand, you can buy kits for testing specific types of drugs. This is a great option if you are only interested in testing your employees for specific drugs. If you suspect an employee is abusing THC for instance, you can just buy the necessary kits as have the employee tested.

    But as cheap as a single panel drug test maybe for you as the employer-it could be a costly mistake for your company. For one, the single test will only check for one drug. If the employee was abusing cocaine and you buy a test for marijuana, the test won’t give you results for the use of cocaine.

    By contrast, a multipanel drug test checks for the results of up to 12 drug types. The test usually aims for prescription drugs and commonly abused hard drugs like cocaine. A good multi panel drug test will have a 99% accuracy rate, and take only a short while to get your results. Additionally, a multi panel drug test lacks all the complications with checking for drugs with a single panel method.

    Financial wise, you can expect the multi panel drug test to cost more. However, only the initial costs are expensive. The costs of testing for drug specimens with the multi panel test method are often cheap and cost effective in the long run.

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