How to get Bigger Breasts

    Bigger breasts can make a woman look happier. And this is true for all women irrespective of their age or social background. However, not all women are blessed with naturally big breasts. If you are among the many women who feel uncomfortable with your breasts’ size, this article is for you. There are several ways to increase the size of your breasts, and we shall mainly concentrate on the natural methods.

    How Breasts Grow

    The hormone estrogen plays the biggest role as far as breast growth in a woman’s body is concerned. The hormone is produced mostly at the ages of between 8 and 13, and the more it’s produced or the lesser it is produced, the results reflect in the various feminine features a woman produces. To most women with small breast, the reasons behind it might be because this hormone was produced in lesser quantities.

    Now that you have an idea about estrogen, here is what you should do to have bigger breasts. First, increase the puberty like environment that will an increase the production of the hormone estrogen. This is achieved by incorporating any of the following exercises and how to get bigger breasts guide. The major exercises include pushups, press ups, the pectoral fly exercise and running. Some of the exercises do help burn fat but at the same time they can also help better the puberty like environment we talked about earlier.

    Breast enlarging Herbs

    There are few how to get bigger breasts articles about eating herbs even when there are very obvious vegetables and herbs which are helpful in boosting estrogen levels in the body. The most common herbs that are easily available in the market include the red clover, saw palmetto and fenugreek. As a precaution, introduce each herb gradually into your system as you observe the reactions it makes. Some people also do make breast enlarging creams with the help of the herbs mentioned above.


    Massage has always worked well to many women around the world. It helps improve blood circulation around the breast area as well as helps create a good environment for breast enlargement. Massaging your breasts with breast enlarging creams is especially a great and effective method. Note however that breast enlargement is a routine thing rather than a one off experiment. You may decide to incorporate one of the techniques highlighted above or all of them. Whichever technique you settle on, just ensure that you follow it consistently. And you can find more details and techniques at

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