Apply for Visitor Visa to USA for Russian Step by Step

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    Would you love to visit the US for tourism reasons? Do you have relatives you would want to visit? The process is far much easier than you might have thought. It only takes about 6 steps to complete, and if successful, you could be through for a trip of a lifetime to the free world. Be careful not to apply for visitor visa to USA for Russian when you intent to do business. It could backfire on you and get into lots of trouble. So, here are the steps you need to go through.

    Step One: Take a Digital Photograph of yourself

    The first step is rather easy. You need to take a digital picture; square shaped and with dimensions not exceeding 1200*1200 pixels. It should also not be smaller than 600*600 pixels. A good photo studio can help you get such a photo, because it also has to meet other criteria some phones may not achieve. The criteria include a JPEG format and not bigger than 240Kbs in size.

    Step Two: Fill-in a Visitor Visa Form

    Once you have the required photograph, you can start to work on the papers. Where do you get them? You may ask. The apply for visitor Visa to USA for Russian form can be found online. It is known as the DS160 and it is easily accessible on the US visa service website. It doesn’t take long to complete, but once done ensure you print out the 10-digit barcode confirmation information you get. You will need the digits to secure an interview for your visa.

    Step Three: Pay Application fee

    To make things easier, create a profile account on the US visa service website. You will get the necessary payment methods for Russians at the site.

    Step four: Interview

    For everyone seeking entrant to the US as a visitors, you must take two interviews. One interview is done with an offsite facilitation center to key in your biometrics. The second one is done with the consulate embassy in Moscow.

    Step Five: Attend the Interviews

    These days it easier to give out the necessary details as you can submit most of your details online. However, you will still need to visit the Russian US consulate for an interview. Go along with all your receipts and the appointment letter you made on the Visa service website. If successful at the end, you get the visitor visa and guidance on how to book for your tickets.

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